Know Beneficiary Identification System (BIS) Process

BIS Login @ Beneficiary Identification System (BIS) is developed to identify and verify the beneficiaries at CSCs and point of care. BIS is a process, of applying the identification criteria (as per AB-NHPM guidelines) on the SECC and RSBY database to approve/reject the applications entitled for the benefits. The Ayushman Bharat PMJAY aims to provide medical cover of up to Rs. 5 lakh to over 10.74 crore poor and vulnerable families (or around 50 crore Indians).  A beneficiary covered under the PMJAY scheme will be allowed to take cashless benefits from any public/private empanelled hospitals across the country. Arogya Mitra or Kiosk Operator will search through the available beneficiaries list to determine if the person is covered.


  • After successful registration and approval from the Beneficiary technical team, the operator will be able to log in at


  • Enter a registered mobile number and generate OTP to login


  • In this portal, the operator can check the eligibility of a person by Name, Father Name, Mother Name and Location, Ration Card No or Mobile number (collected during Additional Data Collection Drive (ADCD)) or ID printed on the letter sent to family or RSBY URN.
  • If beneficiary name is found in the list, Aadhaar or an alternative Government ID and Ration Card or an alternative family ID is required to validate against the Name / Family details available in the system.
  • The operator submits the individual and family record for approval to the Insurance Company / Trust.
  • Insurance Company / Trust may Approve or Recommend for Rejection for the submitted beneficiaries. Recommended for Rejection cases will be finally Approved/Rejected by State Health Agency (SHA).
  • Once it is approved by Insurance Company /Trust/SHA, the e-card will be issued to beneficiary.

Types of User for BIS

Each user has been assigned a specific role in order to make the process hassle-free and easy.

  • NHA ADMIN– The National user is able to view the Dashboards and Reports at National level (both State wise and District wise).
  • STATE HEALTH AGENCY (SHA) – This user can view the Dashboard reports of the Beneficiary Identification System, for a particular state.
  • STATE APPROVER– A State Approver converts the Silver Records to Golden records. This means that it approves or rejects the beneficiary list which has come for his approval. In case an entry is rejected, it has to be with a valid reason.
  • DISTRICT– The District user is able to view the Dashboards and Reports at the District level.
  • PRADHAN MANTRI AROGYA MITRA (PMAM) – This user is able to search and submit the beneficiary identification details. He can also print the beneficiary card called the AB NHPM card.
  • KIOSK OPERATORS– KIOSK Operators, can search and submit the beneficiary identification details.

Process of BIS

For identification, A beneficiary will visit either a designated Kiosk (e.g. CSC or identified by SHA) or Hospital

◊ Beneficiary needs to come with Aadhaar Card or Photo Identity Card like Voter ID, PAN card etc. along with family ID like Ration Card

 Arogya Mitra or Kiosk Operator will search a beneficiary name using different ways like by name, RC No, RSBY URN etc.

◊ Once the beneficiary is identified in BIS Application or website, the beneficiary will be asked to submit either Aadhaar Number or any Govt. ID card.

◊ The Operator will perform an online authentication using Aadhaar, or in case of Non-Aadhaar Identification, the Operator has to enter details.

◊ The Operator will also validate beneficiary mobile number. In the case of Non-Aadhaar verification, a photo of the beneficiary will also be collected

◊ To establish relationships in the family, the beneficiary will also have to submit a proof of family ID card (Ration Card)

◊ Now the operator will also scan the family card document submitted by the beneficiary.

◊ Now the operator will insert the record into the database as a ‘silver’ record. The operator can provide an acknowledgement slip to the beneficiary.

◊ The ‘record’ will be submitted to the approving authorities for further verification and approval by the operator.

◊ There will be one Approving Authority either Insurance company/Trust as the case may be.

◊ The record can then be approved or recommended for rejection by these authorities.

◊ Application will return a ‘name match score’ and ‘family match ’ score, which are one of the criteria for approving/rejecting a record. If it is recommended for rejection then Approving Authority will specify the reason and State approving authority will take final decision on the rejected records Beneficiary will be informed through SMS 9 accordingly.

◊ Approved beneficiary record gets inserted into the AB-PMJAY database under a ‘verified’ beneficiary list. This will get treated as a ‘golden’ record. The beneficiary will be informed through SMS accordingly.

◊ The ‘rejected’ beneficiaries or duplicate cards found in any beneficiaries name/family are liable to be revoked/suspended

◊ Work-list feature for all the three user types – Arogya Mitra/Kiosk Operator, Insurance Approval officer, State Approval Officer. Work-list will allow users to view the new/pending beneficiary application, as well as allow specific functions like ‘Approve’/’Reject’ with reasons.

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